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Nandanvan Resort, Pune, Pasali, Maharashtra 412212

Nandanvan Developers

Live lift beyond luxury and be admired.

We offers our users an elaborate and easy search facility that allows them to locate their property easily.We offer opportunities to interested clients/investors to invest in Real Estate near Pune. We also deal with customer queries regarding any aspect of real estate and help them choose suitable land or property.

Why Nandanvan Developers?

Growing Economy

If you are looking for future investment, Land investment in Pune will give you high returns.

Stable Environment

The location is rich with sprawling greenery and pollution-free atmosphere away from the city.

Low Rate

We have all the low rate land near in Pune as real estate prices increases day by day.

Strategic Location

Investments in a good location are quite capable of yielding worthwhile returns in the long term.


We’ll get the best deal for you!